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Andrew Goodman with the best year-end recap so far: a month-by-month survey of the most surpising web milestones of 2006.

Fred Wilson experiments with RSS ad distribution in feeds. You gotta hand it to the guy for using his blog as a platform for experimentation and learning. Not content to just slurp it up from the business press, Fred is a lean-forward VC. Nice. :-)

Brad Templeton proposed a Zero User Interface backup solution. I think 3X the cost on the disks is going to be a big discouragement, but I really like the idea of Zero User Interface design. Google search is zero user interface: DWIM

Joel Spolsky: "Every few days some crappy software I can't even remember installing pops up noisy bulletins asking me if I want to upgrade something or other. I could not care LESS. I'm doing something. Leave me alone! I'm sure that the team at Sun Microsystems who just released this fabulous new version of the Java virtual machine have been thinking about the incremental release night and day for months and months, but the other 5,000,000,000 of us here on the planet really don't give a flying monkey. You just cannot imagine how little I want to spend even three seconds of my life thinking about whether or not to install that new JVM."

David Naylor's new social network crossed with a speed dating site TickMe.

Tim Bray: Referrer stats proving Slashdot in decline, Reddit on the ascent.


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