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I was blog-tagged by Peter Da Vanzo (thanks Peter). Hmmm, 5 things you don't know about me...

  • I whistle like a madman. Often Christmas carols, year-round. I'm not usually even aware I'm doing it. Off-key, not pleasant or tuneful, and usually fairly loud. I've been heard blocks away. I drove my mother insane with my whistling.

  • I worked for 2 weeks for a telephone survey firm in college. That was by far the worst job I've ever had. I had to phone people at dinnertime and take them through 15-minute surveys. We were supposed to lie about how long the survey would take. The worst was when someone, screaming obscenties, would hang up during the final few minutes. A floor manager would then come by and scream at me. "You could have kept them on the line!"

  • The best job I ever had was being a lifeguard. Getting a tan and hanging out by the pool was great, but the most novel part of my job involved pool cleaning Sunday mornings. It was a big pool, and you could't just stand on the side with the pole to clean the bottom. So I had to wear a Jules Verne style compressed air contraption to walk around the bottom of the pool with the vacuum thingy. The boss would shut off the air hose to let you know your time was up (you couldn't stay down too long or you'd go silly).

  • I studied Mandarin for 3 years in college. I really enjoyed studying the language, but this was to pass a 2 year language requirement. True to my teacher's stern prediction, since graduating 'Ni Hao Ma' is about all that's left.

  • I collect old computer books. Especially stuff about OS and programming language design. For some reason I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of Computer Lib/Dream Machines, although Bill Danielson lent me his copy once so I could read it.

I tag Greg, Brad, Susan, Arin, Mike.

...hmmm, too much I- me- my- in this post...it will never make it past the Topix narcissism filter. :-)


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