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Google automatic inline map feature

How did Google know what I wanted?

How did they they associate the query with the address, and the intent to want to see a map?

I tried a couple of other likely locations, but wasn't able to make the map pop up.

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Not 100% sure, but I think keywords that match a single verified business listing in the specified city are showing up when you type in " ". Examples: "san francisco splunk", "san francisco moreover". Counterexamples "palo alto topix" (unverified), "mountain view google" (more than one match). Take a look at how the query translates on maps.google.com/find businesses tab. Also see http://local.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=7039.

Here's the lowdown from Matt himself


I'm testing how long it takes to get confirmed using the post card so far I'm 2 weeks in.

Thanks for the pointer to Matt's post, Graywolf.

I guess what weirded me out is that I wasn't thinking that the name of the city was actually contained in the search, since it's build into the ice rink's name. I wonder if they do any geo disambiguation. Hmmm.

There are other iceland's around the bay area, like Belmont Iceland and the Cupterino Ice Center. They get a little "+" which can pop up the map, but not the map showing up all by itself.

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