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Hot Dog Demo

My father was a plastic surgeon. He took me to ..work.. once and I watched him re-attach someone's index finger that had been cut off on a circular saw. I watched the whole operation, and after the finger was bandaged up at the end, I passed out. I think I was 11.

My crystal radio didn't work. I couldn't solder neatly. I got blobs all over the circuit boards and invisibly ruined components by overheating them. "Do you want to be a doctor like your dad?" Wet stuff was even deeper into the physical world. That wasn't for me. So I went into software.

Watch Sawstop's hot dog demo.

I'm often neurotically distracted by safety-related things, like seatbelts. I have a pal who hated to wear his seatbelt. He had 100 rationalizations for not putting it on. He smoked a lot too, and was trying to quit. I told him to keep smoking and put his seatbelt on, he'd come out ahead statistically. I bet a lot of kids with parents who work in the ER hear a lot of brain-scarring accident stories while they're growing up.


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