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I bought a goat

I've always liked goats. They seem so gentle and thoughtful, and it's amusing how they'll actually try to eat your pants and stuff. Goats are cool.

I looked into the whole goat-as-pet thing, since I have a fairly large backyard, although it is quite steep -- perfect! But taking care of a goat is a lot of work, they're social animals, they want to be around other goats, there are various goat-issues that you need a proper vet to assist with, and who knows if the city even allows goats (although a neighbor has a chicken coop, so perhaps I could get away with it.)

I thought of donating a goat to my kids school. I could visit the goat, but then the kids and hopefully some of the other parents would have to take care of it. I'm sure the kids would like a goat.

But what I ended up doing was buying a goat through Heifer International. Hopefully my goat will be helpful to someone who can really make good use of it.

Go buy a goat for someone right now. (You only have a few more days for those '06 tax deductions, and you won't feel like giving on the 26th!) You can also give chickens, pigs, water buffalo, cows, and even crazy stuff like a hive of bees. See their full catalog.


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