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Mr. Skrenta,

    As I understand you are one of the founders of the ODP. My question is simple and I'm hoping that you can help me. I've submitted our site about 15 times over the last 4 years (waiting months and months between submissions) and have not yet been listed. I've followed all of the rules each and every time. Is it possible that there is something not entirely kosher with the way editors handle things? Is it possible that the buzz on the internet that says there is some corruption going on in the ODP with editors is true? Something is really wrong when someone submits a site for 4 years and is ignored.


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Mr. Skrenta,

I was one of the Dmoz editors for just over ten years. I have a simple question. Why are people this ignorant and obnoxious? You don't really need to answer. It was just nice bumping into you again. It's been a long time since you accepted me as an editor, when the directory was NewHoo for awhile. Thanks for the memories. :)

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