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Redwood City Fire

View from my house of a fire on Seaport boulevard today. The smoke trailed off down towards San Jose and lasted for hours.

Fire at car shredding business in Redwood City creates heavy smoke
Bay City News Service

Redwood City firefighters have contained a one-alarm fire that broke out in a large heap of trash at a car shredding business in Redwood City, but the smoke is visible from miles around, a fire chief reported.

The fire was reported at 2:38 p.m. at Sims Metal at 699 Seaport Blvd in the port area of Redwood City, Fire Chief Gerald Kohlmann reported.

There were no injuries reported, but the fire department got calls from as far away as Oakland reporting the smoke, Kohlmann said.

The fire broke out in a pile of flammable materials from scrapped cars, including roof liners and upholstery. The fire is contained, but it could be hours before the fire is extinguished, Kohlmann reported.

Nothing indicates that the fire was set intentionally, Kohlmann said. The firefighters are in the process of extinguishing the flames, but the materials are still burning deep within the pile.

There are no special precautions to be taken, but Kohlmann advises residents nearby with respiratory conditions to remain inside.

Firefighters from Menlo Park and Woodside Fire District were called to help extinguish the fire.

(Story via Topix)

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Anyone who reads this article and who lives in an area where there is an auto shredding facility...I would like to know about their experiences regarding having this type of facility in the neighborhood. There is a company that is trying to place a similar type of business right in the midst of a residential area here in Southern Illinois and we as a group of concerned citizens are trying to prevent this from happening. We need all the ammunition we can get & this article was exactly the type of item we needed. Anyone who knows of
ANY negative news item concerning auto-shredding facilities...please e-mail info regarding the newspaper, date of article and name of facility. E-mail to Sparkling_Clean_PMC@msn.com

Thank you!

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