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Referer Rankology

I started this blog last month. I figured there was no point writing a blog that nobody reads, so I set about getting some initial readers. I tried to write a couple of ..interesting.. posts to establish this base. I figured my daily observations would be as good as the next blog's (although now I see that it's harder than it looks, though it is rewarding). I decided on a format which interspersed little eccentric, personal items to give breaks between the longer essays full of harder-to-digest industry analysis.

My first few major posts did pretty well, but the third one was the real zinger. It got quite a bit of pickup, including lots of link love, ranking #1 on Techmeme, being Slashdotted, and resulting in a few reporters calling me. So what's that worth? Here's the tally.

The post directly received about 20k total hits so far (not counting RSS reads or reads from my homepage), linked from about 500 unique domains. The top 15 inbound referers were:

2836  slashdot.org
958  reddit.com
826  stumbleupon.com
619  del.icio.us
439  google reader
424  groklaw.net
419  techmeme.com
372  blogs.zdnet.com
368  battellemedia.com
324  arstechnica.com
303  gigaom.com
277  valleywag.com
263  bloglines.com
174  newsgator.com
159  dnjournal.com

I didn't rank equally on all of these sites, so it's not a completely apples-to-apples comparison. But still the relative ranks are interesting, since there are some new names sending strong traffic. StumbleUpon looks like it's going to be a winner. Other mentions of StumbleUpon that I've seen in the blogosphere suggest that it's growing like a weed, and is sending strong traffic to featured sites.

This post has also received 179 del.ico.us bookmarks, compared with 344 for my previous bell-ringer post about Google in 2004. The archives do indeed turn out to be worth more than the homepage. Even for my month-old blog, most of the action is in refers to the archived posts, as opposed to readers of the front page.

For reference, my total readership for month one is approx 350k visits for my 40-odd posts. There appear to be approx 1,000 regular weekly readers here after a month, based on measurements of posts with an image which I could track independently of readership medium. This gives a total conversion rate of about 0.3%. Ouch. Converting linkbait hits to readers is hard.

Update: Wait, that's not right. I had the wrong option to my script. I've had a total of 20k inbound referers, out of 60k total visits. Not 350k. This gives a trial-to-reader conversion rate of about 5%. That's not too bad.


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