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The blog philosophers

Blake's blog: career, management and life philosophy, via kitchen utensils:

Job descriptions are evil. Though they serve a purpose in the grand scheme and organizational hierarchy of large companies, in the end they harm the long term growth of the employee. They are debilitating because they train us to focus on coloring within the lines, and never ask us to look outside for ways in which we can add value. We are trained to just multi-task on the job, but never multi-task our jobs.

Blake's got some very cool bay area restaurant reviews too. Worth a read.

But I hope this doesn't progress as far down the rabbit hole as Phillip Eby has... Phil is a well-known python programmer who seems to be morphing into some kind of new-age guru via his blog. He has a book, motivational seminars, the whole works. I actually like his stuff, in appropriate doses. The Multiple Self really weirded me out...but you gotta be careful when you start trying to hack your own brain...



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