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Typing Trumps Pointing

Windows Vista's main navigational mode from the Start menu relies on typing, not pointing:

Google was right all along. It's not quite a command line renaissance, but it is an implied victory of textual search over traditional point-and-click desktop GUI metaphors. Typing trumps pointing. There's far too much content in the world-- and even on your local computer-- for browsing and pointing to work reliably as a navigation scheme today. Keyboard, text and search are the new bedrock navigation schemes for the 21st century.

From Coding Horror.


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I don't think it's correct to say that the navigational system relies on typing instead of pointing. For those who want to search by typing, the option is present, and I think it's a very nice option.

However, for those who want to do things the old way, you can certainly click on the start menu and work your way through it with the mouse, in much the same way that you could in XP.

There isn't a battle between typing/pointing. The start menu makes both options easily available.

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