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Creating a new product like the iPod or even the Prius is a far more modest achievement than developing a new process. The former are what we normally think of as inventions, of course. But the latter, at least in Toyota's case, presents a novel way of thinking about work and the capabilities of human organizations.
    -- From 0 to 60 to World Domination, NYT Magazine
"People don't scale: Truly lazy developers let their machines do the work for them... smart developers know that people don't scale-- machines do. If you want it done the same way every time, and with any semblance of reliability, you want the human factor removed as much as is reasonably possible... I ask myself-- how can I make sure I never have to deal with this problem again? If my solution fixes it so nobody ever has to deal with that problem, that's a nice side-effect, too.
    -- Jeff Atwood


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