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Nothing up my sleeve...

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That graph is leveling off...

heh. I should learn to draw better. :-)

This is entirely unrelated to the thread, but I thought I'd post a note - I work in strategic marketing for a telecoms software company, and was researching scenario planning mechanisms, which led me to wargaming, which led me to MUD's, which led me to Monster, which I played in the University of Limerick in Ireland in 1990, and implemented and ran in University College Galway later that year on a VAX / VMS system. I broke just about every rule that the college had in getting the thing to work, I had to get a hacker friend to 'fix' my quota in order to make it work, and eventually got loads of people playing across campus for quite some time...

I can't quite remember *how* I got my hands on the software - was it freely distributed? Is that the wrong question to ask!?

Anyway, it was a fun, fun time, and I have some great memories. It was 17 years ago, which is a little scary. Made some great friends through Monster, some of which I still have today.

Thanks for the memories!

Anthony Behan,
Cork, Ireland

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