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Two Cows and Venture Capital

You have two cows. One is male, and one is female. Mike Moritz says he loves both cows and will buy 35% of the pair for $100. After the deal is signed he tells you to kill your female cow, and then says your male cow must produce a baby cow within three months or you're fired. Three months and one day later he fires you, takes your remaining cow, and transfers it into a milking machine company which then goes public on Nasdaq, earning him $10,000,000. Citing a lactation preference in the term sheet, however, he keeps all but $0.10 of the proceeds. "No hard feelings," he says, "and be sure to come back the next time you have cows."
    -- Paul Kedrosky

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People who can get milk from a "male cow" actually deserve whatever profit they get.

D'oh! Maybe city-slickers should stay away from farm analogies. :-)

just about had enough:

why do I think that your story about a male cow might be a load of bull?

I'm not sure that milk would taste very good.....

John Doe:

Has any one ever tried cow tipping?

Has any one ever tried milking a cow?

Has any one ever had a milk mustache?

Has any one ever known a female cow to have a milk mustache?

You have two cows. One is Brazilian, one is Australian. They yield 25 quarts of milk per day. That's half as much as three years ago, when you traded your less-lactiferous German and U.S. cows for them. You are thinking of swapping for a pair of Namibian cows. They only have three legs but, hey, they produce 26 quarts per day.

? Mark Gilbert

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