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Getting Stuff Done: Activation and Method

"Today I'm gonna show you how to drive a sports car. First, you need a lot of money!"
I'm a sucker for cheeseball motivational platitudes. I caught the bug a long time ago watching late nite TV when a commercial for Tom Vu came on. "I came to this country with nothing. Now look, I have all this!" He was standing in front of a rolls-royce parked in front of a mansion with a bunch of women in bikinis.

What amazed me about his commercial was that the appeals were general inducements to do something, anything. They weren't specific to attending his seminar. It was like 90% of the commercial was designed simply to make the viewer want to do something, and to raise the viewer's energy level. At the end it told you to go to his free seminar to find out more.

Unfortunately, in Tom Vu's case, the method was a scheme to acquire and flip distressed real estate. But that wasn't what interested me. Sure, there are a lot of schemes to try to make money. Going to a Tom Vu real estate seminar was a pretty sketchy way to go about that. But it is true that, for whatever you want to do, you have to want to get started before the method even becomes an issue.

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