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Ranting like a madman

So I go to lunch with a friend, and I'm giving him a dump of some of my current thinking in an area. I talk for like an hour and a half. He talks too, but I talk a lot, and really fast, but it's good stuff, and he seems convinced and is tracking it. But all the while, some small sub-part of my brain that is listening to myself speak is thinking to itself that I sound like a bloody madman. I ask the dude what he thinks of my rant-arc but he seems impressed by the material. So I go back to the office and tell Bob that story. Bob knows my rants. "So do I sound like a madman?" He thinks for a moment, and there's a pause, and some kind of fleeting expression, and then he responds, "Well, no..." :-)

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That's right! Awkward silence is the correct answer.

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