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Grouchy Rich

Over the past couple of months I did press tours in NY and SF, with 25+ interviews, four panels, a high order bit at Web 2.0, had our launch party for about 200 people, and dealt with some stuff in our org.

I've scored myself on tests like the 16PF and I've generally come out as 50/50 introvert-extrovert. Questions like "Are you energized by meeting lots of new people at a party, or are you drained by the experience?" are the sort that help score you as an introvert or extrovert. The sterotypical engineer is an introvert. Remote employees should be extroverts. This may seem counter-intuitive at first; if you're working by yourself at home all the time, isn't that a better job for an introvert? But no, it turns out you want someone who will cross the extra barriers (telephone, IM, email, plane flights) to reach out to the group and over-communicate.

It's a big part of my job to run around and talk to people, but this particular media tour kinda left me fried and I got strange and grouchy in parts toward the end. So I apologize if you ran into me and I was brusque.


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