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Roboblogger's busy profile

Keith pointed out to me that the edit history on roboblogger's profile page has turned out to be unexpectedly useful for debugging. You can actually follow the little guy around the site as he autoposts from the news stream. It's basically the inverse of the list of human posts. :-)

Vacation too short. 9am panel tomorrow morning at Moscone. zoinks.

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Can you comment on the shootings at Virigina Tech?
As of 1:30pm PST it is not listed on the "Most Popular", last on "Top" and I noticed that roboblogger didn't even catch the story as being related to Blacksburg, VA, it had to be added manually by Topix employee "sawka".

Every other news organization has this as a top story, but it almost doesn't exist as a story on Topix.

For better or worse, when we made the change from relevance sort to a blog style chronological sort on our news pages, we also changed the roboediting algorithms to wait longer before posting, both to boost the relevance of the stories, and also to give humans a chance to post.

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