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Web 2.0, year 3

Mike cracked me up with one of his points in his rollup of day 1 at today's web 2.0 conference.

Topix has come a long way in the past few years. We used to have the worst booth at these conferences - a shabby sign with a typo in it, and that's all. Now we have the full blown booth with street teams outside promoting the site. Pretty cool.

    -- marksonland

We really did have a typo in our first booth sign. I think that thing was proofed by like 5 different people, and everyone missed it. Our sales guy walked up when we had finally set up the booth at its first show and instantly pointed out the typo. We ended up getting some lame sticker thing to "fix" it from the printing company. We used that horrible booth for another year or so before finally replacing it.

Well our booth looks better now, plus we have a cool street team survey going on in front of Moscone:

More on flickr. :-)

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Hi Rich,

Stopped by the booth to say hi, great blog, but you weren't there.

For a while, I used to see topix show up in my Google searches but had no idea what the heck topix actually was until I stumbled on one of your blog posts through another random walk.


Hi Rich,

Just wondering if you've published the slides from your web 2.0 talk:

"The Other Local"

I saw Lukew's summary notes:

but I'd also be interested in seeing the slides.



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