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Digg's huge PR bonanza

A few days ago I wrote about how the disintegration of mass media had lead to escalating costs to launch a new brand....$150M these days, up from single digit millions in the 1960's. That's a huge run-up, even adjusting for inflation.

Blake presciently noted that getting sued could be one of the best ways to achieve tons of cheap PR:

So my question is (always mindful of the "All Press is Good Press" cliche): Are we getting to the point where a lawsuit becomes the most cost-effective way to boot-strap market yourself?

In the wake of Digg's massive PR jackpot, others have noticed this too. Andy Beal wrote:

This whole mess has created a lot of publicity for Digg. It has demonstrated how powerful it is and how influential the voice of its users.

Yeah. :-)

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Slipstream BRO:

You post this and then you don't give yourself a chance to be digged at the end. Would you be so kind as to add that into your setup?

Mind you I did find this site via Digg though.

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