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"My spoon is too big!"

I must be wrong in the head to like this so much. I couldn't stop laughing.

In particular the end apocalypse sequence (starting at 7:00 min) is amazing.

Update: I'm not wrong in the head! (not about this, anyway :)

A little digging for this post turned up the fact that the animator, Don Hertzfeldt, was nominated for an academy award for this short (which is titled "Rejected"). Apparently it's received over 27 awards, and is the #3 most popular short of all time according to IMDB.

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Ok I was thinking you were wrong in the head and wanted those 7 minutes back but ending was pretty amazing, and probably really, really hard to do.


you should also "the meaning of life". :p it's mind-blowing, when you consider how he did it. if you can't find it, my friend has the dvd.

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