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I5 fire at Tejon pass

Last week I was on my way to the beach heading down I5. We stopped at the clump of gas stations and restaurants just before the Tejon pass (the one with the Panda Garden, Iron Skillet and Wendy's). When we came out, there was a giant column of smoke coming up from it. "That wasn't there before. Oh-oh... I hope it doesn't affect traffic!"

I managed to snap a couple of pics with my iphone from behind the wheel. :)

The firefighters were out in force, and there were helicopters and planes dropping stuff on the fire. Looked like it just burned out a few hills before they got it under control.

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Yeah, fires are amazingly common on the Grapevine. A few years ago I was heading down to San Diego, and around Gorman I got involved in a fire so big that the visibility was down to about 30 feet. I stopped at Wendy's hoping it'd pass, but then we started seeing flames heading towards us. Needless to say people cleared out with much haste ;)

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