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My top 10 beefs with the iPhone

Well I'm gonna catch some heat for this but here are my iphone beefs. My ancedotal experience based on talking to friends is that if you're coming from a treo the iphone is great, if you're coming from a blackberry, there are some rude shocks.

Serious power users I know carry both an iphone and bbery. I'm not gonna do that right now, that's defeating the point of the small form factor. Unfortunately there's not a clear winner here, neither one is better in every way. If I were to score, the iphone gets a lot more total points, but has some serious gaps w/ the bbery.

  • Sarafi controls are often unresponsive while it's transferring a page. Can't scroll, can't side scroll, can't expand or shrink, stop button doesn't work, it ignores the back button. This happens during dns delays too.

    loading techcrunch, touch screen unresponsive, rendering lag

  • No synchronous gmail app. What's this pop nonsense, is this a joke?

  • Anti keybounce or the skeptical touch software makes it lose keypresses I think should be valid.

  • Very difficult to type while driving with one hand. Or thumb. Even looking up a number from the contact list and initiating it can be tricky when it loses keypresses or gets them wrong because your thumb is hitting the screen at a funny angle.

  • Can't hear it ring. if the little holes are covered up you can't hear it at all. Like when it's in my pocket. Which is all the time.

  • Everyone I know with an iphone picked the classic phone ring, since of the bunch it's the most audible. Which still isn't great.

  • When I flip the screen sideways I wish the dpi would stay the same instead of expanding. I'm flipping the screen to get more sideways real estate. So every time I have to squish it back down.

  • Surprised they didn't do screen flip at a lower os level so all the apps got it. Even safari won't screen flip if the keyboard is popped up.

  • The accelerometers are funny, I sorta wish I could flip it with a button instead of twisting it around. I use it a lot reclining or lying down and then it gets the orientation wrong.

  • Touch keyboard is mostly useless. I can't type on this thing. bberry was much better even with their mini-keyboard. At least it could guess correctly, iphone makes "stupid" errors where the bbery predictive software would have gotten it right.

Despite the flaws the browser is good enough that I don't think I could go back. My biggest beef with the bbery browser was that it didn't do cookies, so it couldn't remember site logins. The way it ripped apart pages into a stream of text actually made them fit on the screen pretty well, then I could do a one-dimensional scroll to see everything, rather than the 3D scroll I have to do on the iphone to get page coverage (up/down, side/side, expand/shrink).

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"Very difficult to type while driving with one hand."

Some might say that deterring such use is a good thing . . .

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