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Popdex Revisited

So I blogged about how Popdex had been taken over by spammers.

The original author of Popdex commented about how he sold the project, and it had taken this unfortunate turn.

Now, when you search for "popdex", instead of seeing Popdex.com in #1 as before, the popdex spammer site doesn't show up anywhere in the results:

It's cool that Google actively polices web spam. But unfortunately this manual whack-a-mole job (Matt was that you?) didn't entirely work, since the first result is now an extremely ad- and adsense-heavy page (even threw a popunder at me that got through Firefox's blocker) which simply mirrors the old popdex pitch text and points to popdex.com.

I would love to see exactly what that manual whack-a-mole interface looked like. I wonder how scalable in the end hitting a -zap- button on individual spam sites is though.


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