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Keith Squared

Heh. Those crazy engineers.

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The problem with vertical LCD monitor orientations is that they screw up the RGB alignment of the LCD subpixel elements, so fancy subpixel font rendering techniques no longer work. Back to the dark ages of greyscale font smoothing, I suppose.

Even if it did, I doubt an apparent 3x increase in *vertical* resolution would be quite as useful as the 3x increase in horizontal resolution..

Fancy subpixel rendering. Heh, wouldn't that be nice. We're on linux, it's going to look like crap anyway. :)

I had a BLIT at AT&T, I figured the vertical orientation would remind me of that. But I'm not sure I can get used to it verically, so I'm going to try both ways and see which works out...

Boohay O:

Hey this is pretty cool. I use my laptop with one external monitor, how do you use 2 monitors in potrait mode?


Michael Greer:

I need a new post... You have turned into my "fun" blog, I am not a programmer, but find your posts fascinating and enlightening. If it weren't for you I would know nothing of the Paxos parliament algorithm. 8 days with nothing new is just bumming me out :)

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