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Beautiful presentations: Jon Bentley's quicksort video

This is one of the best technical presentation I've seen. Which is all the more amazing because the speaker, Jon Bentley, spends nearly an hour talking about the quicksort algorithm.

This is based on a chapter in Beautiful Code , but goes deeper into the subject, and seeing Jon present definitely adds a lot to the material.

Btw there a fascinating Google/Bell Labs comment by the introducer:

There's quite a crowd - well it seems to be occuyping a fair chunk of the the front here - of people that used to occupy the Unix room at Bell Labs.

In the olden days there was one Bell system (and it worked!) and a lot of us were sitting in this place in Murray Hill, and over time more and more people have come to Google.

So now it feels like this has become sort of the home base for a lot of us.

Google has felt to me like it's the new AT&T Bell Labs. Huge monopoly profits funding a ton of great researchers, generally left alone. The analogy makes sense also since Google has actually hired so many from the old Bell Labs...


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