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Gee whiz

I've just been offered $125k for rt.com, the first domain I ever registered. I got it back in 1991, before there was even a web. It was for email hosted on my uucp Amiga Unix node.

The domain market sure looks hot right now. That seems like a good offer, but the domain has sentimental value, and who knows what domains might be worth in another 10 or 20 years...

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Take the money and run! :-)

That's not a lot of money for a two-letter domain name.


That's pretty awesome. I understand the sentimental value issue but I could easily see myself "transfering" that sentimental value from the domain name to a new Porsche =)

Another 2 letter dot com recently went in play. UI.COM on Afternic with bid of $275,000 and 6 days to go...


$125k is too little. I sold a 7 letter, not so common domain for $15k in 1999 -- so I'd say a 2 letter domain is worth at least $500k

The letter combination is also pretty good, RT could stand for quite a number of things.



Road and Track might be interested...

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