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If you can't read this...

The IP address of this blog changed from to Windows for some reason doesn't seem to honor dns ttl at all and I had to reboot my windows machines to see the update. So if you're not reading this post, you have bad dns... eh. well. hmm.

When we've moved big sites we always leave behind an http redirector on the old IP for a few weeks. It's surprising to me just how many clients out there will continue to use old dns weeks after an update to an entry with a 15-minute ttl. I didn't bother with the redirector for this ip change on my blog though, seemed like overkill.

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Check out our solution (for our users, but open to anyone) at http://cache.opendns.com/

Put in skrenta.com and then check our cache at every datacenter and optionally refresh it. :-)



Perhaps this problem is caused by DNS pinning protection inside the browser.

FWIW, if you don't want to reboot, you can always try:

C:\> ipconfig /flushdns

If that doesn't work, you can try:

C:\> net stop "dns client"


C:\> net start "dns client"

This works on more modern (i.e., WinXP or newer) Windows OS'es.

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