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Spamgen english->spanish->english

Willy Wonka and the factory of the chocolate is a film 1971 cradle in the book Charlie of the 1964 children and the factory of the chocolate by Roald author Welsh Dahl. The film dug in generally the revisions received critical foxhole on its opening in 1971, but it was only a low commercial success, despite on the years the film has become one of more the beloved, well-known affluent family always films fact - and in spite of its age, and fable original creative attempt as kinematic musical comedy for the children - also has to you from grown in an important classic work of the cult with the children and the adults.

Try this for a random spam blog from google blogspot. :) I've seen a number of wordgen produced blogs out there. Not sure if anyone is using machine translation to wash text yet though.

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Interesting... I have heard somethings about generators for wordpress but not for Blogger. I think that is sorta cheating, but could see its usefulness.

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