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Leak proof

So for now, my advice is this: don't start a new project without at least one architect with several years of solid experience in the language, classes, APIs, and platforms you're building on. If you have a choice of platforms, use the one your team has the most skills with, even if it's not the trendiest or nominally the most productive. And when you're designing abstractions or programming tools, go the extra mile to make them leak proof.
    -- Joel on Software

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Leak proof is a good one.

At Rojo we had a framework I wrote for performing quick joins against the DB.

The problem is most people never used it and I would print log.warn() messages that would be written to logs the developers would never see until they were put into production.

The speed boost was about 10-30x so it was important that we didn't hit this.

One of the developers suggested throwing an exception when they used non-optimal joins.

For some reason this didn't dawn on me and turned out to be a BRILLIANT suggested as we had no more pushes with non-optimal joins :)


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