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Hypertable architecture talk Wednesday in Palo Alto

Doug Judd will be discussing the internals and architecture of Hypertable tomorrow in Palo Alto at 6:30pm.

Hypertable is an open source, high performance, distributed database modeled after Google's Bigtable. It differs from traditional relational database technology in that the emphasis is on scalability as opposed to transaction support and table joining. Tables in Hypertable are sorted by a single primary key. However, tables can smoothly and cost-effectively scale to petabytes in size by leveraging a large cluster of commodity hardware. Hypertable is designed to run on top of an existing distributed file system such as the Hadoop DFS, GLusterFS, or the Kosmos File System (KFS). One of the top design objectives for this project has been optimum performance. To that end, the system is written almost entirely in C++, which differentiates it from other Bigtable-like efforts, such as HBase. We expect Hypertable to replace MySQL for much of Web 2.0 backend technology. In this presentation, Doug will give an architectural overview of Hypertable. He will describe some of the key design decisions and will highlight some of the places where Hypertable diverges from the system described in the Bigtable paper.

More details.

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Hi Rich,

Thanks for letting people know about this event. There was a good turnout (approximately 80 people) and I suspect your post had something to do with it. Ethan was there and snapped a few photos. I've also put the slide presentation up on the Hypertable website.

- Doug


I got a chance to chat with some of the engineers over at Zvents the other day (where Hypertable is being developed), and it's really great to see a corporate entity who's happy to give back to the open source community rather than just taking. There's some incredible potential here, especially for those of us allergic to traditional database architectures.

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