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Microsoft "hits back" at Google with re-launch of 4-year old Newsbot

The memecrowd sure has a short memory... maybe I'm just showing my age here, but still.
CNET: Microsoft hits back at Google with Live Search News
Search Engine Land: Microsoft Launches Live Search News
Search Engine Watch: Windows Live Search Offers Google News Alternative

MSN Newsbot? Anyone? From 2004:

CNET: Google News faces Microsoft rival (Jul 27, 2004)
Wash Post: Microsoft Deploys Newsbot To Track Down Headlines (Aug 1, 2004)
Geeking with Greg: MSN Newsbot review (Jul 27, 2004)

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dirk henfeld:

so what's the point of your post. instead of doling out snark, contribute to the conversation

uh-huh... name = cn-sfo1-natout.cnet.com.

Greetings cnet poster!

The point is to mock press-release reblogging journalists... who apparently can't be bothered to search their own archives for relevant material before putting up a story.

I see cnet updated their story to mention Newsbot...so apparently I did contribute to the conversation after all.

CNET == Busted.

Anyway, I thought the same thing.

MSN Newsbot...

The difference here is the Google News-style skin.

Yawn.... There's not much innovation in this space anymore.

Wake me when something interesting happens. I have clustering algorithms to write.



Go to http://newsbot.msn.com/ ... and see which search engine they ask us to search from :)

The only discernable difference is the aesthetics. Looks like a half-hearted attempt to me...

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