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What's up Rich

If blogging is dead it must be time to start Skrentablog up again. Apologies for letting the blog go dormant the last little while, I've had my head down in technology. Quick update: 200 servers, 11 employees, lots of code. Crawl, index, test, repeat.

We hired a naming firm to come up with a better name than 'blekko', they did a great job. Down to two candidates. Testing them.

We built a wicked cluster platform to run our stuff. It's kind of like bigtable from the top-down api view but is an integrated design, vs. the layered impedance mismatches with stuff like gfs/chubby. No masters, all swarm algos. We crawl/index/serve into structured storage. It's very fast, has integrated mapjobs, and is really easy to program on top of. I'll post more details about it in the future.

More posts to come, I promise.

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Let me guess: Clekko and Glekko.

Nice to see your blog is still alive :-)


Hello and salute to you Rich

i am happy that someone else other then me has balls to take on any company no matter what there size, brains are better then banks

i want to know if you will be putting your company on the stock market as i want to invest and buy some of your company thanks.

also on another topic maybe hosting in a developing country could be cheaper?

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