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blekko is hiring software engineers

blekko is building a disruptive general-purpose web search engine. We are hiring software engineers.

Web search is not only one of the most important technologies of our time, but it is also incredibly fun to work on because it requires cutting-edge algorithms from a wide range of disciplines. It is one of the hardest startup challenges today – but the monetization is much higher than anything else on the web, and there are fewer credible competitors than most people think.

Our team has founded multiple successful startups and held leadership positions at major tech companies such as Google, Sun and Netscape/AOL. We have funding from top-tier venture investors and a roster of highly prominent Silicon Valley angels including Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, and two early Googlers.

Our crawl/index/search/query code is implemented on top of a distributed storage system that supports integrated map job execution, data replication, scalability, and fault tolerance. The programming model is similar to Google BigTable, but the application-level code tends to be more high-level and pleasant to work with than a typical high performance distributed application.

We are looking for talented software engineers who enjoy working on big systems, appreciate the productivity wins of interpreted languages and good API design, want to work on advanced search applications at web scale, and are:

  • Highly productive coders, self-motivated and able to learn new skills quickly
  • Intellectually curious and more pragmatic than theoretic
  • Comfortable in a small-company, startup environment


  • (In descending order of importance): UNIX/Linux, Perl, C/C++, Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Search, particularly web search
  • Large-scale distributed systems (e.g., Map/Reduce, Hadoop, distributed filesystems, clustered databases)
  • Deep systems knowledge of operating systems, I/O, and networks
  • Applied math, statistics and/or machine learning, particularly as applied to ranking and classification
  • Degree in computer science or related area, especially masters and PhD
  • Industry experience, especially in startups or domain-relevant Internet companies
  • Interest in potential leadership opportunities as the company scales

Blekko is located in Redwood Shores, California across from the main Oracle campus. If interested, please contact blekkojobs@blekko.com


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