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blekko partners with DuckDuckGo

When we founded blekko, we decided to find a new playbook to launch and grow our search startup. We deliberately avoided playing into the old hype of being called a "Google killer". We also resolved to work with other search startups, especially ones that shared our conviction to eliminate webspam.

So I'm pleased to announce blekko's first search partnership, with fellow search startup DuckDuckGo. When DuckDuckGo users search on a term which matches one of blekko's seven auto-fired slashtag categories, DuckDuckGo users will see results from blekko. (The seven auto-fired slashtag categories are health, colleges, autos, personal finance, lyrics, recipes and hotels.

As part of this partnership Blekko users will have access to DuckDuckGo’s "Zero-Click Info" on a site-by-site basis. Zero-Click Info helps users find the most relevant information on sites and search terms without having to click on search results.

We’re happy to work with Gabriel and the team at DuckDuckGo. And not just because we both have weird names. It’s because we can kill spam a lot faster working together than we can working against each other. :-)

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Awesome to see search startups working together. While I'm not actively pursuing it as a startup anymore, I'm still working on unscatter.com when I get time. If Blekko or DuckDuckGo are interested in the real time results currently available on a search at www.unscatter.com feel free to contact me at the address I provided when I made this comment.

I'm actually going to refactor it soon, switching to CouchDB and tapping into site streams to optimize it, as well as change the server side component to output JSON instead of HTML.

I'll also be changing the results options to include web and social as well as the existing news results in the future. All just a matter of finding time to work on it.

This is excellent news for both, Blekko and DuckDuckGo. As a huge fan of DuckDuckGo I like the idea of seeing Blekko results and vice versa.

Congrats to both the companies!

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