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Domainers comment on blekko

He is totally correct. It is totally in the long-term best interest of search engines to de-index all mass-produces content and all affiliate arbitrage and ppc arbitrage. And it does mean de-indexing all DM, Epik, all domainer mass-development efforts, and sites like business.com, etc...
      -- Johnny
Of course sham ‘developers’ are quick to point out immense value of their bogus content. Really though, step outside this wee little community bubble and ask *anyone else* in the internet world about this; the prevailing theme is abject disgust over what the internet is becoming and what monetarily incentivised content is doing to the quality of information found on the web.

The entire internet is rapidly turning into a contrived-content landfill and to be sure, a movement is slowly but surely taking place to offer alternative search solutions. If G has anything resembling an Achilles heel, this is the closest thing to it.

At its core, much like direct keyword navigation, the profitability of trash content is really nothing more than a user-sophistication issue. There are still enough clueless users out there on the web- ones that cannot differentiate between a splog adfarm and a legitimately information-rich page- to keep the bounce rate just low enough and clicks just high enough to stay black… There are just enough ‘grannies getting their first computers’ to keep the game alive. The thing is, this is changing at light speed and in time, the users demanding higher quality content will no longer be limited to tech geeks and people who really ‘get’ the web. It will be everyone.

I was recently researching tax lien investing. For one particular keyword string, an Ezine article ranked very high.

Kinda like how a liar can spot another liar or a thief can spot another thief better than anyone else, I immediately recognized this as farmed, drivel content. The problem was, the information it conveyed was wholly incorrect, in spite of the narrative being written with an authoritative tone, in spite of being ranked shockingly high in serp. It was obviously written by someone who knew precisely *nothing* about the topic at hand but was getting paid to write an article, so they hit the expected research sources, formed a dirty, five minute opinion and stood themselves out there as a bonafide expert… and once they were done writing that article, they repeated that same intellectually bankrupt process with their next paid articles on Alpacas, Forex, Lawrence Kansas Home Mortgages, Medical Tourism in India or whatever else their employer paid them to write.

This is not a sustainable model for the web. G is in a crappy spot since their monetization schemes are the impetus that drive so much of this, yet it all goes against their larger philosophy about content quality… If a challenger ever arises to threaten their dominance, it will be by devising a better algo to filter out this crap and deliver cleaner information to John Q Netguy.
      -- Anon


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