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Friends Make Search Better

Social Graph meet the link graph. Link graph meet the social graph. We’re sure you two will be fast friends.

One of the reasons we built blekko is that we believe that with respect to ranking, a link, well, just ain’t what she used to be. In 1998, a link to a web site WAS the first social vote of quality. Someone took the time to log into their Geocities page and type in:

  <a href="http://marksonland.com">Marksonland</a>

Now? Most links are auto/mass-generated with the sole purpose of gaming the search engines.

You know what’s not gamed? Likes. Likes are your actual friends going around the internet telling each other the sites they think are good and bad. Friends don’t spam – and friends don’t let friends like spam.

Another way to think about it is that your friends are already curating the web every time they click the Like button. Blekko is all about human curation. Bringing Likes directly to search results is yet another method by which blekko is fighting the good fight of keeping spammers out of your search results.

How it works:

  1. Log onto blekko through Facebook Connect. If you are already a blekko user, there is an option to sync your existing account to FB as well.

  2. When you log in, blekko automatically creates a slashtag for you called /likes. /likes will include all the sites you and your friends have “Liked.” (If you have a lot of likes, it could take a few minutes to populate your /likes)

  3. Every search you do will layer in Like information about a particular site.

  4. You can search only the sites you and your friends like by appending /likes to the end of any query (ex. san francisco sushi /likes)

  5. You can sort any search result page by number of likes (as opposed to date or relevance) by clicking the icon next to the date button on the top right.

  6. You can like any site directly from blekko by clicking the Like button on the second line of search results.

We’ve demo’d this feature to a few folks and everyone is pretty much uniformly blown away by it. We hope you are too.

This is a seriously cool integration of Facebook data with slashtags. It demos quickly and the "aha" hits fast when you see your own social data spinning results. Check it out - http://blekko.com/

More: TechCrunch: Blekko Goes Social, Now Lets You Search Sites Your Friends Have ‘Liked’ On Facebook

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How is blekko treating my facebook data?
Will it save them forever? Will it be able to crawl my private content?

Cool! Is it too old school to ask if you'd also add in a quick way to also slash in all my delicious links?

All you need is the delicious username and you can crawl everything.

Forget what I said about adding delicious,


Blekko should let folks import delicious in one gulp.

CURL on the command line: https://{your username}:{your password}@api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/all > bookmarks.xml


lots of likes arent about actually liking, but liked because a message asked them to. Look at ur list of likes, it it really reflective of ur likes? Just cause people are liking doesnt mean theres better quality links!

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