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blekko did 50m searches in April, 750k users

blekko got some great coverage last Sunday in the NY Times: An Engine’s Tall Order: Streamline the Search

Earlier this week we made an announcement about enhancing searcher privacy. Key highlights:

  • Personal information (such as IP addresses) will be retained a maximum of 48 hours
  • A new HTTPS Preferred® system, which automatically points searchers at HTTPS (secure) websites in many cases
  • SuperPrivacy® and NoAds opt-out privacy settings allows users to suppress ads and reduce logging of search keywords

And finally, blekko has grown traffic every month since our launch last November. April visitors were up 30% from March, with 750,000 unique visitors coming to blekko.com doing 50 million searches.

Not bad for a 5 month old search engine. :-)

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Rich, I have to say ... only YOU could launch a search startup in this day and age, against the hugely entrenched incumbents ... and succeed. It's amazing, and fascinating ... I wish I could be a fly on your wall and see how you work.

Impressive growth. I have heard of you guys before. However, I recently attended SMX East and realized the great webmaster SEO tools that the site had. I will be back to use those often. Also, you mentioned suggestions. Is their any type of speed tool currently in the SEO tools? I didn't see one. I wonder if this could be a cool thing to add.

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