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September 20, 2011

Blekko's not afraid of Google, why is Washington?

Eric Schmidt will appear before a senate committee tomorrow to defend Google against claims that it has abused its postion in the marketplace.

Apparently the prize if you win really big: you get to pitch your startup to congress.

The former tech darling has begun to assume the same status of “startup grown too big for its britches” that was once hung around the neck of its nemesis Microsoft.

But we don’t need federal intervention to level the playing field with Google. Innovation and competition are far more powerful instruments to battle companies that have grown powerful and influential. Which has been more detrimental to Microsoft's business? The lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice in the 90s, or the innovative products Apple has brought to the marketplace?

The success of Google should be applauded on Capitol Hill, not derided.

Let’s let entrepreneurs, technology and good old-fashioned innovation deal with Google. Consumers will always be the winners in that scenario.

September 29, 2011

blekko raises $30m, adds Yandex as strategic investor

From Russia with love: Yandex backs US search startup Blekko with $15 million, computing power (AP)

Search Engine Blekko Raises $30 Million From Russian Search Giant Yandex And Others (TechCrunch)

Upstart Search Engine Raises $30 Million, Gets Investment From Russian Search Company Yandex (Business Insider)

Blekko Takes on Google — With Help From Russia (Mashable)

Blekko Closes $30M Funding – Yandex Strategic Investor (blekko blog)

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