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blekko launches izik: tablet search reimagined

Friends of blekko!

We are very pleased to announce izik, our new tablet search app. We launched izik on Friday, and today is it currently the #3 free reference app in the Apple app store.

We believe that the move to the tablet from the desktop/laptop is an environmental shift in how people consume web content. We have developed a search product that addresses the following unique problems of tablet search:

  • Typing is harder on tablets
  • Context needs to be in the result set to accommodate shorter queries
  • Swipe features & gestures
  • Tablets are image driven
  • Multiple browser windows aren’t a right click away (so clicking on a bad result is more punitive on a tablet)

The product we have developed, izik, is the first search experience specifically optimized for the tablet. It leverages our core technology to create a truly unique search experience for tablet users that is both functional and beautiful.

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Download the app:

Apple app store - iPad

Google Play - Android

Mobile site:



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