ab(1)                                                       ab(1)

       ab - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool

       ab  [  -k  ] [ -n requests ] [ -t timelimit ] [ -c concur-
       rency ] [ -p POST file ] [ -T content-type  ]  [  -v  ver-
       bosity  ] ] [ -w output HTML ] ] [ -x <table> attributes ]
       ] [ -y  <tr>  attributes  ]  ]  [  -z  <td>  attributes  ]

       ab [ -V ] [ -h ]

       ab is a tool for benchmarking your Apache HyperText Trans-
       fer Protocol (HTTP) server. It is designed to give you  an
       impression  on  how  performant  is  your  current  Apache
       installation.  This especially shows you how much requests
       per time your Apache installation is capable to serve.

       -k          Enable  the  HTTP KeepAlive feature, i.e. per-
                   form multiple requests within one HTTP session
                   instead. Default is no KeepAlive.

       -n requests Number  of  requests to perform for the bench-
                   marking session.  The default is to just  per-
                   form one single request which usually leads to
                   not very representative benchmarking  results.

       -t timelimit
                   Seconds  to  max. spend for benchmarking. This
                   implies a -n 50000  internally.  Use  this  to
                   benchmark  the  server  within  a  fixed total
                   amount of time.  Per default there is no time-

       -c concurrency
                   Number  of  multiple requests per time to per-
                   form.  Default is one request per time.

       -p POST file
                   File containing data to POST.

       -T content-type
                   Content-type header to use for POST data.

       -v          Set verbosity  level  -  4  and  above  prints
                   information  on  headers,  3  and above prints
                   response codes (404, 200, etc.), 2  and  above
                   prints warnings and info.

       -w          Print  out  results  in  HTML tables.  Default
                   table is two columns wide, with a white  back-

       -x attributes
                   String  to  use  as  attributes  for  <table>.
                   Attributes are inserted <table here >

       -y attributes
                   String to use as attributes for <tr>.

       -z attributes
                   String to use as attributes for <td>.

       -V          Display version number and exit.

       -h          Display usage information.


                            March 1998                          1