ANNO(1)                                                   ANNO(1)

       anno - annotate messages

       anno [+folder] [msgs] [-component field] [-inplace]
            [-noinplace] [-date] [-nodate] [-text body]
            [-version] [-help]

       Anno  annotates the specified messages in the named folder
       using the field and body.

       Usually, annotation is performed  by  the  commands  dist,
       forw,  and  repl,  if  they  are given the `-anno' switch.
       This allows you to keep track  of  your  distribution  of,
       forwarding of, and replies to a message.

       By  using  anno,  you can perform arbitrary annotations of
       your own.  Each message selected will  be  annotated  with
       the lines

           field: date
           field: body

       The `-nodate' switch inhibits the date annotation, leaving
       only the body annotation.

       If a `-component field' is  not  specified  when  anno  is
       invoked,  anno  will prompt the user for the name of field
       for the annotation.

       The field specified should be a  valid  822-style  message
       field name, which means that it should consist of alphanu-
       merics (or dashes) only.  The body specified is  arbitrary

       Normally anno does the annotation inplace in order to pre-
       serve any links to the message.  You may  change  this  by
       using  the  `-noinplace'  switch.  ^$HOME/.mh_profile~^The
       user profile ^Path:~^To determine the user's nmh directory
       ^Current-Folder:~^To  find the default current folder dist
       (1), forw (1), repl (1) `+folder' defaults to the  current
       folder  `msgs'  defaults  to  cur  `-inplace' `-date' If a
       folder is given, it will become the current  folder.   The
       first message annotated will become the current message.

[nmh-0.27]                    MH.6.8                            1