CARDCTL(1)                                             CARDCTL(1)

       cardinfo - PCMCIA card monitor and control utility for X


       Cardinfo displays the current configurations of all PCMCIA
       sockets  in  the  system.   For  each  card,  the  display
       includes the card name, the card state, IO port and inter-
       rupt settings, and the names  of  any  devices  associated
       with  that  card.  Each socket also has a menu of commands
       for manipulating the socket state.

       The socket state  includes  a  row  of  abbreviated  state
       flags.   The  CD flag indicates that a card is detected in
       that socket.  The Vcc flag indicates that  the  socket  is
       powered  up.   The Vpp flag indicates that the programming
       power supply is active.  The WP flag  indicates  that  the
       card is write protected.

       Below  the  socket  status  data  is  a log of card status
       change events.  The  following  events  are  logged:  card
       insertion  and  removal,  user  insert and eject requests,
       suspend and resume, and socket resets.

       The reset button below the socket displays sends a  SIGHUP
       signal to cardmgr, causing all sockets to be reinitialized
       from scratch.

       Cardinfo is setuid root so that it  can  create  temporary
       device  files  for accessing the PCMCIA sockets.  An ordi-
       nary user will not be able to access  any  of  the  socket
       control functions.

       David Hinds -

       cardmgr(8), cardctl(8).

pcmcia-cs              1998/05/04 23:27:46                      1