console.perms(5)  System Administrator's Manual  console.perms(5)

       console.perms  - permissions control file for users at the
       system console

       /etc/security/console.perms  determines  the   permissions
       that  will be given to priviledged users of the console at
       login time, and the permissions to which  to  revert  when
       the  users log out.  It is read by the pam_console module.

       The format is:

       <class>=space-separated list of words

       login-regexp|<login-class> perm dev-glob|<dev-class> \
               revert-mode revert-owner

       The revert-mode and revert-owner fields are optional,  and
       default to 0600 and root, respectively.

       The  words in a class definition are evaluated as globs if
       they refer to files, but as regular  expressions  if  they
       apply to a console definition.  Do not mix them.

       Any  line  can be broken and continued on the next line by
       using a \ character as the last character on the line.

       The login-class class and the login-regexp word are evalu-
       ated  as  regular expressions.  The dev-class and the dev-
       glob word are evaluated as shell-style globs.

       Classes are denoted by being contained in < angle  bracket
       >  characters; a lack of < angle brackets > indicates that
       the string is to be taken literally as a login-regexp or a
       dev-glob, depending on its input position.


       Michael K. Johnson <>

Red Hat Software             1999/2/3                           1