DESTROYDB(1)                                         DESTROYDB(1)

       destroydb - Remove an existing Postgres database

       destroydb [ dbname ]
       destroydb [ -h host ] [ -p port ]
           [ -i ] [ dbname ]

       -h host
              Specifies  the hostname of the machine on which the
              postmaster is running. Defaults to  using  a  local
              Unix domain socket rather than an IP connection.

       -p port
              Specifies  the  Internet  TCP/IP port or local Unix
              domain socket file extension on which the  postmas-
              ter  is  listening for connections. The port number
              defaults to 5432, or the value of the PGPORT  envi-
              ronment variable (if set).

       -i     Run  in interactive mode.  Prompts for confirmation
              before destroying a database.

       dbname Specifies the name of the database to be destroyed.
              The  database  must be one of the existing Postgres
              databases in this installation.  dbname defaults to
              the value of the USER environment variable.

       destroydb  will  remove files from the PGDATA/dbname/ data
       area for the existing database.

       Connection to database 'template1' failed.
              destroydb could not attach to the  postmaster  pro-
              cess  on  the  specified  host and port. If you see
              this message, ensure that the postmaster is running
              on  the proper host and that you have specified the
              proper port. If your site  uses  an  authentication
              system,  ensure that you have obtained the required
              authentication credentials.

       Connection to database 'template1' failed.
              You do not have  a  valid  entry  in  the  relation
              pg_shadow  and  and  will  not be allowed to access
              Postgres.  Contact your Postgres administrator.

       ERROR: user 'username' is not allowed to create/destroy
              You do not have permission to destroy  (or  create)
              databases.   Contact your Postgres site administra-

       ERROR: destroydb: database 'dbname' does not exist.
              The database to be removed does not have  an  entry
              in the pg_database class.

       ERROR: destroydb: database 'dbname' is not owned by you.
              You  are  not  the Database Administrator (DBA) for
              the specified database.

       destroydb: database destroy failed on dbname.
              An internal error occurred in psql or in the  back-
              end server. Ensure that your site administrator has
              properly installed Postgresand initialized the site
              with initdb.

              Note:  destroydb  internally  runs DESTROY DATABASE
              from  psql  while  connected   to   the   template1

       destroydb  destroys  an  existing  Postgres database.  The
       person who executes this  command  must  be  the  database
       administrator, or DBA, or must be the Postgres super-user.
       The program runs silently; no confirmation message will be
       displayed.   After the database is destroyed, a Unix shell
       prompt will reappear.

       All references to the database are removed, including  the
       directory  containing  this  database  and  its associated

       destroydb is a shell script that invokes psql.   Hence,  a
       postmaster  process must be running on the database server
       host  before  destroydb  is  executed.  The  PGOPTION  and
       PGREALM  environment  variables  will be passed on to psql
       and processed as described in psql(1).

       To destroy the database demo using the postmaster  on  the
       local host, port 5432:

           destroydb demo

       To  destroy the database demo using the postmaster on host
       eden, port 5000:

           destroydb -p 5000 -h eden demo

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