use_default_colors(3X)                     use_default_colors(3X)

       dft_fgbg - use terminal's default colors

       #include <curses.h>

       int use_default_colors(void);

       This  is  an  extension to the curses library.  It is used
       with terminals that support ISO 6429 color, or equivalent.
       These terminals allow the application to reset color to an
       unspecified default value (e.g., with SGR 39 or  SGR  49).
       Because  they  are  designed to support this, their design
       usually includes features to change the default foreground
       or background colors so that they do not match the assump-
       tion in XSI curses of white on black.

       Applications that paint  a  colored  background  over  the
       whole  screen  are  not adversely impacted by this type of
       terminal design.  However, there are applications that are
       designed to work with the default background.

       The  function  returns the integer ERR upon failure and OK
       on success.  It will fail if either the terminal does  not
       support  the  orig_pair or orig_colors capability.  If the
       initialize_pair capability is found, this causes an  error
       as well.

       Associated with this extension, the init_pair(3X) function
       accepts negative arguments to specify  default  foreground
       or background colors.

       These  routines  are  specific  to ncurses.  They were not
       supported on Version 7, BSD or System  V  implementations.
       It  is recommended that any code depending on them be con-
       ditioned using NCURSES_VERSION.

       curs_color(3X), ded(1).

       Thomas Dickey (from an analysis of  the  requirements  for
       color xterm for XFree86 3.1.2C, February 1996).