ENV(1)                                                     ENV(1)

       env - run a program in a modified environment

       env    [-]    [-i]    [-u   name]   [--ignore-environment]
       [--unset=name] [--help] [--version] [name=value]...  [com-
       mand [args...]]

       This  manual  page  documents the GNU version of env.  env
       runs a command with an environment modified  as  specified
       by  the  command  line  arguments.   Arguments of the form
       `variable=value' set the environment variable variable  to
       value value.  value may be empty (`variable=').  Setting a
       variable to an empty value is different from unsetting it.

       The  first  remaining  argument  specifies  a  program  to
       invoke; it is searched for according to the  specification
       of the PATH environment variable.  Any arguments following
       that are passed as arguments to that program.

       If no command name is specified following the  environment
       specifications,  the  resulting  environment  is  printed.
       This is like specifying a command name of `printenv'.

       --help Print a usage message on standard output  and  exit

       -u, --unset name
              Remove  variable  name  from the environment, if it
              was in the environment.

       -, -i, --ignore-environment
              Start  with  an  empty  environment,  ignoring  the
              inherited environment.

              Print  version  information on standard output then
              exit successfully.

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