EXPECTK(1)                                             EXPECTK(1)

       expectk - Expect with Tk support

       expectk [ args ]

       Expectk  is  a  combination of Expect with Tk.  (See their
       respective man pages for a more comprehensive  explanation
       of  either.)  Expectk should run any wish or Expect script
       (with minor changes - see below).

       The differences between the Expectk and Expect environment

       The  send  command  is Tk's.  Expect's send command can be
       invoked by the name exp_send.  (For compatibility,  Expect
       allows either send or exp_send to be used.)

       Scripts may be invoked implicitly on systems which support
       the #! notation by marking the script executable, and mak-
       ing the first line in your script:

            #!/usr/local/bin/expectk -f

       Of course, the path must accurately describe where Expectk
       lives.  /usr/local/bin is just an example.

                         15 February 1993                       1