ftpconversions(5)                               ftpconversions(5)

       ftpconversions - ftpd conversions database

       The  conversions known by ftpd(8) and their attributes are
       stored in an ASCII file that is structured as below.  Each
       line  in the file provides a description for a single con-
       version.  Fields are separated by colons (:).

            1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

           Field          Description
             1             strip prefix
             2             strip postfix
             3             addon prefix
             4             addon postfix
             5             external command
             6             types
             7             options
             8             description

Known Problems
       The conversions mechanism does not currently  support  the
       strip prefix and addon prefix fields.

See Also
       ftpd(8), ftpaccess(5)