ftprestart(8)                                       ftprestart(8)

       ftprestart - restart previously shutdown ftp servers

       ftprestart [ -V ]

       The  command  provides  an automated way to restart previ-
       ously shutdown ftp servers.  is used when you are ready to
       re-enable your FTP server. It does the opposite of ftpshut
       and removes shutdown message files that  were  created  by
       ftpshut.  It  will remove the system-wide shutdown message
       file as well as the shutdown message files in  the  anony-
       mous ftp areas and any virtual ftp server areas.

       The  -V option causes the program to display copyright and
       version information, then terminate.

Sample Output
         ftprestart:         /servers/some.domain/ftp/etc/shutmsg
         ftprestart:        /servers/other.domain/ftp/etc/shutmsg
         ftprestart: /etc/shutmsg removed.

See Also
       shutdown(1), ftpshut(8), ftpaccess(5)