gl_getcontext(3)       Svgalib User Manual       gl_getcontext(3)

       gl_getcontext,  currentcontext  - get the current graphics

       #include <vgagl.h>

       void gl_getcontext(GraphicsContext *gc);

       extern GraphicsContext currentcontext; /* this is  already
       in vgagl.h */

       Save the current context in the structure variable gc.

       You can also get the current context from the global vari-
       able currentcontext;

       However, simply access single elements in  this  structure
       with the macros given in vgagl(7) but do not copy current-
       context in another structure. This is because the size  of
       the  structure might change and your program does not know
       it when it will be linked dynamically  to  future  svgalib

       Instead  use  gl_allocatecontext(3)  to  allocate  such  a
       structure, fill it with gl_getcontext and release it  with
       free(3) after usage.

       svgalib(7),   vgagl(7),   svgalib(5),   threedkit(7),
       testgl(1), plane(1),  wrapdemo(1),  gl_allocatecontext(3),
       gl_copyboxfromcontext(3),          gl_copyboxtocontext(3),
       gl_freecontext(3),     gl_setcontext(3),     gl_setcontex-
       theight(3),    gl_setcontextvga(3),   gl_setcontextvgavir-
       tual(3), gl_setcontextvirtual(3), gl_setcontextwidth(3).

       This manual page was edited by Michael Weller <eowmob@exp->.  The  exact  source  of the referenced
       demo as well as of the original documentation is  unknown.

       It  is  very  likely that both are at least to some extent
       are due to Harm Hanemaayer <>.

       Occasionally this might be wrong. I  hereby  asked  to  be
       excused by the original author and will happily accept any
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Svgalib (>= 1.2.11)         2 Aug 1997                          1